Five simple steps – one solid result.

These simple planter attachments are making it possible for more and more farmers to plant into higher levels of residue. Millions of acres are now planted this way each year and many of our customers are repeat buyers. Higher levels of mulch mean less erosion and more consistent and lower cost yields, all while the soil is rebuilding itself in preparation for supplying cheap food for generations to come.

fCrusher – NEW!

Lightweight (9.5 lbs) cast fCrusher Closing Wheel. Tapered tooth design allows firming on one side and crumbling on the other. Drafted tooth keeps its entire foot print on the ground. No more wearing one side of plastic until it has to be flipped. Long life ductile cast iron will run for years. Martin Duty with PEER Seed Extreme 6 lip seal bearing.

fCrumbler – NEW!





A new option for our 2nd stage closer, or a factory two stage closer! The fCrumbler mulches and firms the seed trench without smearing or packing like a rubber press wheel. Properly spaced cleats, size material while leaving a mulched surface, which reduces crusting. Cleat design also prevents mud build up from wet conditions or fertilizer application that are common with a solid rubber wheel. Martin Duty, with PEER Seed Extreme 6 lip seal bearing. Close the furrow with the best.

2nd Stage Closer – NEW!

• 6”x12” Rubber press wheel seals and levels air pockets left in seed trench to ensure ideal seed to soil contact.
• Cam adjust allows adjustment of pressure applied by press wheel.
• Easily mounts to most Double V style OEM closing wheel brackets.
• BSCW1444C Razor Teeth break side wall while cupped design SQUEEZES soil towards seed ensuring good seed to soil contact.

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