Truesight® 2

  • Benefits: Reduces operator fatigue, improves efficiency, increase productivity & iimproves feeding
  • Sensor Features:  Flexible poly sensory wands, spring trip for backing up, tilt compensation for operation on slopes, auto engage, ties into steering wheel, seat switch and combine speed for safety & adjustable row width
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Horizon™ Controller

  • The most advanced header control and diagnostics at your fingertips
  • Combines your experience with proven technology
  • Integrates header functions/features to the in-cab interface

Header Height Control

  • Provides automatic height and tilt contol for corn headers
  • Increases yield, maximizes efficiency, reduces downtime
  • Patented, innovated, easy-to-install design
  • Best header height control on the market.

Tilt Kit for MacDon Heads

  • Adds automatic lateral tilt to MacDon 974, FD70, FD75, Case IH 2062 and 2162, and New Holland 84C
  • Improves performances on challenging terrain like hillsides, terraces, rolling ground
  • Allows feederhouse lateral tilt to automatically follow head on changes in terrain

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