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This product line allows individual-nozzle control that will provide ultimate spraying control.  Along with the ability to control pressure independent of rate or speed and have pressurized control independent of speed or rate.   Anhydrous ammonia application, eliminate the need to change orifices and provides row-to-row liquid fertilizer uniformity, while automatically changing orifices sizes based on rate or speed.

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EVO SPRAY – Turn compensation, reduced power consumption, and the highest flow capabilities on the market are now attainable, with an affordable price. Pulsing nozzle technology is now available for self-propelled or pull-type sprayers with EVO Spray, the newest Blended Pulse technology by CapstanAG. 



Pin Point – Provides individual nozzle control, through alternating (blended) pulse maintain 100% overlap also providing nozzle BY nozzle turn compensation



NJect – An innovative solution for NH3 application.  Operating with flow based controllers, allows true variable rate application.  NJect® is designed to:

  • Meter and Distribute NH3
  • Improve Uniformity Across the Toolbar
  • Add Boom Sectional Control
  • Improve Flow Rates