Small changes on a big scale can have a huge financial impact, so when it comes to farming, doing several small daily tasks over hundreds of acres of land requires precision. Otherwise, it can be incredibly easy to waste time and money.

This is where Precision Planting can be of assistance in the world of agriculture.

For those unfamiliar with Precision Planting, it is a series of technologies and hardware designed to help those in the agriculture business make more efficient use of their time and money. These tools have made lives easier for farmers in many different ways, including the following:

Easier to Monitor

By installing a yield monitor on a farm implement farmers can get an exact number in terms of how many seeds they are planting and how much crop they are reaping come harvest time. In the past, farmers would just do the work and hope that the results would make it all worthwhile, but this new technology provides agriculture farmers real data to analyze.

Better Spacing, Better Yield

The modern tools added to; existing tractors, combines, and other farm implements, have allowed farmers to get exact measurements on the seed they are planting.

In other words, every seed is planted at a uniform depth with uniform space between each seed and row, all of which gives the burgeoning plant plenty of room to grow.  Resulting in a seed planted within its ideal depth to emerge timely from the ground and reach sunlight.

The spacing develops plants that don’t have to fight over nutrient-rich territory, and every single corn stalk or bean plant has the space necessary to thrive.

Uses Less Seed

Planting fewer seeds over wide swaths of land can grow the bottom line of the farmer’s earnings. Precision Planting ensures that only the requisite amount of seed is used during a planting season. This is beneficial that it reduces seed waste as well as ensures that plants are spaced properly and don’t choke each other as they grow and develop.

More Time in the Field, Less Time in the Shop

One of the hardest parts of working in the fields is the wait. With Precision Planting technology, farmers are able to spend more of their time in the field instead of in the shop, which means they can wrap up their harvests sooner and spending quality time with their families’ post-harvest.

Farms using Precision Planting technology are yielding healthier crops, saving valuable time, and most importantly proving more profitable.

Yielding a profitable harvest is enough reason to consider using this technology on all farm implements, and if you have any questions about how to get that process underway call us at (309) 253-1383.  Or join us February 20th and/or 21st for our one day Winter Planning Meeting with two days to choose from, reserve your spot soon, remember the early bird gets the worm. ☺

We will be happy to get you on the right track to a more efficient and precise farming experience.  Again, call Melissa at 253-1383 to learn more.