A Proven Approach to Modern Crop Scouting

Scouting Starts in the Air

The challenges in successful crop scouting from imagery revolve around three primary constraints:

  • Image Quality: The type, quality and resolution of images determines their ultimate utility
  • Timing: A quality image captured or delivered too late dramatically limits its utility
  • Usability: Concrete crop improvement action must flow from the imagery program

AirScout delivers with timeliness, utility, and tools to build actionable prescriptions ready for precision equipment programs.


Thermal image of full canopy soybeans:  color changes and patterns inform decision like fungicide use and next-season rotational (corn) varieties.  

Key images helping agronomists triage for disease before stepping foot in the field.  AirScout provides approximately 14 flights during the growing season.

Business Model Pillars

  1. Deliver a variety of complementary high-quality imagery sets encompassing visual, NDVI, thermal, and proprietary ADVI views. When used in combination with other image types, thermal images (two patents issued, one pending) deliver broader utility across the entire growing season than reflective imagery alone.
  2. Operate a professional network of pilots, planes and proprietary image collection equipment with capacity to handle weather pressures and still deliver timely images to customers throughout the season.  
  3. Build & Maintain  data infrastructure for high throughout processing and provide an app-based delivery interface for customers with easy access to their imagery in just 4 to 24 hours from image collection.  
  4. Farmer Value Focus A system for delivery value from imagery in a way that also protects our environment.  This includes algorithms, variable rate (VRT) prescription recommendations, and tools to assist in human and UAV field scouting programs.  This portfolio of tools allows for:  
  • Optimized planting population and timing
  • Targeted replant strategy
  • Managing nitrogen like no other in this industry
  • Enhanced crop management: disease, pests, weeds, nutrition, crop plans, new approaches
  • Informed drainage, and irrigation decisions
  • Proprietary (patent pending) yield estimating tool

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