Since 2004, AGROECOPOWER has been providing software (SW) modifications to large vehicles and in 2007,  we started SW modifications to self-propelled agricultural vehicles. We are able to enhance performance of tractors, combines, forage harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, transfer pumps, semi trucks and construction equipment. However, most of the time we focus on tractors. We can modify control unit software of basically every tractor.

What happens during performance modification


Why AGROECOPOWER is better than a Steinbauer Chip box? I think they are cheaper!

Chip box tricks the fuel system, increases exhaust temperature, causes fault codes and problems with DEF systems. In general, chip box can be harmful for your engine. Tune is safe, synchronizes and balances the entire system thru Can-Bus wire, offers a better fuel economy, brings the torque curve back to the “sweet spot“ and provides higher torque at lower RPM

How can I be sure this is safe for me to risk on my equipment?

Our SW modification is exactly the same what a manufacturer does. That is why you are always safe with our product.

How do you know how much HP is safe?

We always follow manufacturers’ and our European R&D center’s Recommendations. We always keep HP within the given range. Also DYNO allows us to measure the tractors power output on site. We also use AgroEcoPower App which data is based on 18 year’s experience in the SW modification industry

Download the AgroEcoPower app for your Droid at the Playstore or go to the website, click here, to see what improvements can be made to your specific equipment and the cost.  The app for iPhone is coming soon!

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