Never any down time.
We understand when it is go time…it is GO TIME!  We have on-call service technicians available to our customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Make Every Seed Count

With input cost rising why not maximize all your farm resources whether that is seed,
liquid product, making your time more efficient or wear on the operators.


Fully Equipped Service Trucks

Service trucks available for on sight or in-field service calls.  Fully equipped with
Precision Planting and AgLeader product.  No hearing we do not have that part will need to order.  As well as a hydraulic hose maker.

Annual Maintenance Service

The importance of annual maintenance is critical for the life expectancy
of planter equipment as well as overall planting experience in the spring.

Whether it is meters, SpeedTubes or vApplyHD units, want to know more about our service programs.

Bottom Line Solutions is the Precision Planting dealer I want to work with. They have the knowledge and expertise needed and provide great, friendly customer service.


Bottom Line Solutions is prompt, offers great service, and is very friendly.


Bottom Line Solutions provides knowledge and quick customer service. I appreciate the communication provided through email, phone and text regarding product software updates.


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