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360 Yield Center we help you boost your income through better nutrient utilization




YIELDSAVER 2Traditional corn heads have gaps in the deck plates and gathering chains that result in corn kernels falling right through. 360 YIELD SAVER eliminates those gaps by adding intermeshing bristles to traditional gathering chains to capture significantly more kernels.

Available for:  John Deere 600 and 40/90 Corn Heads, CaseIH 1000 through 5000 Corn Heads, Drago GT and Series 2 Corn Heads, Gehringhoff Northstar, Rota Disc, MS Cornstar, PC Corn Heads.

Field test show that 360 YIELD SAVER typically captures and additional 1.8 bushels per acre. The savings add up quickly. Consider the return on investment for a typical corn operation. With an eight row head covering 750 acres per year, a grower could expect gross yield savings of over $16,000 and a net profit of over $7,000. That’s a 76% return on investment.

In addition to the yield capture, header management improves. You no longer have to manage the header speed to minimize header loss. You can optimize head and feeder house speed to ground speed and crop flow. Plus, because 360 YIELD SAVER can capture nubbins and undersized ears, you have more flexibility in deck plate spacing.



Create the right environment for soil microbes and improve nitrogen availability with a new CHAINROLL1_675x425approach to residue management. 360 CHAINROLL chops and crimps stalks, making residue more available to microbial breakdown for better soil health and nutrient availability. The advanced, patented design also leaves most sections connected—like a chain—for more stable residue pieces so you don’t experience clusters of small, confetti-like residue that tie up nitrogen and impede seedbed preparation.

  • Precision cutting
  • Precision sizing
  • Precision residue management



360 BULLET™new-the-latest-bullet-design-dsc_0431

New Ripper Point improves access to soil nutrients.  The streamlined shape and wide wings generate a mini-earthquake that fractures from point to point.  That loosens the full soil profile for improved root penetration.  Ultra-hardened materials is welded to all wear surfaces for long life. 

  • Wings that lift and fracture complete soil profile
  • Aerodynamic designs sends shockwaves across full width of ripper
  • Soil-on-soil turbulence eliminates undisturbed berms of soil between points of traditional rippers and OEM points
  • Unrestricted root access to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and other nutrients. 

Precision & Efficiency.  

  • 360 BULLET points do this with hardly and more time, horsepower or fuel.
  • In a series of half-acre trials in a variety of soil types, with the same tractor and ripper, the 360 BULLELT took only 1.5% longer to finish and maintained a pulling speed equal to traditional ripper points.

360 Y-DROP® Sidedress

IMPROVE NITROGEN EFFICIENCY: PLACE N in the root zone for rapid uptake.  Convert your coulter sidedress bar and extend your application window.  The 360 Y-DROP™ application system places liquid nitrogen at the base of the corn plant – directly above the root mass. Moisture – a heavy dew or light shower – moves the nitrogen into the soil for rapid uptake and minimal denitrification. Coulter systems put a band of nitrogen 10 to 15 inches from the root mass. That slows uptake and increases risk of loss without a significant rain.

360 Y-DROP®

ydrop hagie

Deliver inputs when and where needed, gain more control with full-season application, and ensure the timely feeding of your crop to capture more yield potential.  Turn your sprayer into a nitrogen (or any liquid) applicator for corn fields at V6 and beyond – Y-Drop fits most models and row spacing.

  • This revolutionary product greatly increases the efficacy and application window for in-season nutrient applications
  • Precisely place nitrogen at the stalk base to utilize nature’s gift of stem water for incorporation
  • Allow real-time management of nitrogen based on the field environment and grower management practices
  • Enable the use of 360 UnderCOVER for complete inner-canopy coverage of liquid sprays (fungicides, nutrients, insecticides, etc.)



Apply needed liquid to your crop where required – with an accurate spray system – to capture yield potential.

360 UnderCOVER allows you to deliver inner-canopy coverage for a wider window of crop applications with various liquid sprays (fungicides, insecticides, nutrition products, etc.).

  • Take control of late-season disease and insect infestations with complete coverage
  • Each unit operates up to six multi-directional spray nozzles in a hard shelled housing
  • Increase product efficacy by delivering maximum target coverage when and where you need protection
  • Mount 360 UnderCOVER to 360 Y-Drop



Take control and capture more yield potential with real-time nitrate readings—early season to tassel. Feed your crop at the point of need rather than convenience. 

  • In-field nitrate readings
  • Coming soon: Ammonium and Potassium sensor
  • Results take five minutes from sample to completion versus waiting for lab results
  • 360 SoilSCAN is rugged, portable, and works well on ATVs or pickup trucks